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Portraits of Hope is getting set to begin a new national project. We just received a unanimous and bipartisan vote of approval from the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for our proposal to beautify and visually revitalize animal shelters in Los Angeles County. The approval was spearheaded by Supervisor Sheila Kuehl of the 3rd District and signed on by Supervisors Ridley-Thomas, Knabe, Antonovich, and Solis.

This will be the beginning of a national POH initiative to promote pet adoption by making animal shelters more inviting places for the public.

This initiative will have all the traditional and beneficial elements of Portraits of Hope: Creative Therapy sessions for children in hospitals and persons with disabilities; Civic Education and public policy sessions in schools; and Community opportunities for the public at large. Together, we will all make animal shelters much more colorful and attractive; drive more people to adopt companion dogs and cats; encourage the public to learn about responsible animal care; and call attention to the thousands of young people involved in the initiative.

We selected LA County first because the county contracts with 49 different municipalities and processes more animals in its shelters than any other jurisdiction in the U.S. — more than 80,000 animals a year. And LA also just happens to be our home base. The county shelters are very large and we anticipate that each individual shelter will involve between 1,000 – 2,000 POH participants. We hope to involve a great many number of shelters throughout the country in the next 2 years. And we anticipate adding more shelters and cities very soon. So we have our work cut out for us. This is a major POH initiative.

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What is also fantastic is that Federal Realty has generously and enthusiastically extended our use for Plaza El Segundo so that we will be able to conduct many sessions at that popular venue which served us so well for The Spheres at MacArthur Park.

In the next few days we will post information on the POH website about the animal shelters initiative. If you are interested in getting involved or signing-up, please provide complete information. Categories for involvement include:

  1. School, Hospital, Social Service Agency Participation
  2. Community Volunteer Opportunities
  3. Donations
  4. Sponsorships
  5. Corproate Team Building Sessions

Portraits of Hope projects are privately funded by individual donors, foundations, and corporate partnerships. Let us know if you can help and want to get involved in this way!

This promises to be a terrific project!