Sponsorships, Involvement, Hands-on Civic Participation

In addition to the substantial public service benefits of the program, POH provides — via sponsorships of its one-of-a-kind initiatives – unique opportunities for brands to both highlight their corporate citizenship and enhance their brand equity with the broad public and important stakeholders.

Portraits of Hope is very interested in partnering with sponsors for our current and future high-profile projects. And there are substantial opportunities for sponsor exposure and integration in association with a project.

We work with your marketing, community relations, communications, and government relations divisions to develop a sponsorship package that is integrated with your company’s vision and brand platform.
If your brand is interested in getting recognized in a positive and high-impact way, and involved with our widely publicized civic initiatives, we would like to hear from you.

Sponsorships are customized.

Email us: poh@portraitsofhope.org

Direct Contact: 310-474-5141